MedCamps Arkansas

We want you to come to Camp Aldersgate for MedCamps. Check out our 2015 camp schedule to see what week is appropriate for you.

MedCamps of Arkansas welcomes as many campers as possible without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national origin, religious or political affiliation. Camp Aldersgate, Inc. may not be able to accommodate all medical conditions and/or disabilities. Camp Aldersgate reserves the right to make the final decision regarding admittance of participants to its programs. This policy is to ensure that adequate provisions can be made for participants while they are in care of Camp Aldersgate.

Online registration and applications are now available through Camp Aldersgate’s website. The contact (listed on the camp schedule page) will assist with inquiries concerning applications, fees, scholarships, and registration.

Camper spaces are limited and registration should be completed as early as possible.