About MedCamps

MedCamp Arkansas

MedCamps of Arkansas is a not-for-profit project of the Arkansas Chapter of The American Academy of Pediatrics.

Each summer, MedCamps hosts six summer camp sessions at Camp Aldergate in Little Rock. The camps are dedicated to children diagnosed with specific medical conditions including muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, kidney disorders, cancer, bleeding disorders, and asthma.

Camp Aldergate

The camps are a partnership between local health agencies, MedCamps of Arkansas, Inc. and Camp Aldergate. Each session is staffed with volunteer physicians, who review all medical policies and procedures, and provide partial funding along with local health agencies and generous contributors in the community, like you!

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Arkansas Children’s Hospital also plays a large part in helping by encouraging volunteerism among its nursing and medical staff to support the volunteer staffing needs of the Camp’s programs. Camp Aldersgate provides the site, the staff and the program design.

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